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An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan

You have now the possibility to watch the TV show recording where dr. Petre Muresan talks about sciatica. Click on the following link for watching the show recording (in Romanian): TV show about Sciatica


For better understanding what happens in sciatica disease I invite you first to read the articles about discopathy and lumbar spondylosis. These articles help you understand better what happens with the lumbar spine when it comes to sciatica disease. If the degenerative processes of the lumbar spine are not treated in time and in an appropriate way, they will progress and reach the 3rd Stage of development – the irritative one– and this is when what we call sciatica can begin. When reaching this stage, the degenerative process will firstly irritate the sciatic nerve and in the 4th Stage, the radicular one, the nerve is getting compressed. Some causes of sciatica are:

  • deposits of uric acid
  • irritation and then compression of the nerve
  • slipped disc

Sciatica can also be the consequence of other diseases:

  • traumatism
  • spondylitis
  • meningitis
  • medullar tumor

Symptoms of sciatica

It emerges a pain, which at the beginning is localized at the level of lumbar spine, then, as the disease progresses, this pain is extended at the level of the lumbar region muscles, running through legs, heels and toes. This pain can be unilateral or bilateral, depending on the way the sciatic nerve is affected: unilaterally or bilaterally. Cold, raw weather, standing a lot or an infection can aggravate the pain a lot.
How do we make a diagnosis in sciatica?

At our medical center THERMOGRAPHY is used as a diagnosis method in sciatic neuralgia. It does not irradiate, it can be applied at any category of patients, including pregnant women who can suffer from sciatica, it can be repeated as many times as needed and it can be used for controlling the effects of the treatments applied. See thermography!

Treatment of sciatica

There are more treatment methods for this disease, which many times proves to be redoubtable and very hard to overcome. On the basis of a long experience in treating this disease, our medical center MEDREFLEX LINE has elaborated a very performant and efficient treatment method. This method is special because it does not use sedatives, but natural products that regenerate the spine. So, one of the most important aspects of this method is that we treat the cause of this disease, not only try to calm the pain as other treatment methods do.

Second of all, another very important and revolutionary aspect of the treatment is that the infiltrations made are thermographically controlled. Thus, they become more precise and more efficient. We do not make a treatment by chance, but we focus on the region where this disease starts, which if not treated well, is very disturbing and unpleasant. Only somebody who felt at least once the stroke pain of this disease, or saw somebody suffering from it, could say I am right.

The number of medical recovery sessions can vary from patient to patient, depending on the gravity of the disease. And this is determined with the help of thermograph. But, beside the fact that it determines the gravity of the disease and the number of recovery sessions, there is one more extremely important thing: the THERMOGRAPH helps controlling the effects of the treatment applied. It can establish any time how many sessions are still needed and in which rhythm.

The lumbar spine – normal

Right sciatica

Left sciatica

Left sciatica

Left sciatica: Irritative stage

We are talking about the rhythm of the sessions, because there is a very important rule: at the beginning there are daily sessions for a longer or shorter period of time, depending on the gravity of the disease, for transmitting the spine a certain volume of information and stimuli for regeneration. After sending these stimuli, the next step is the maintenance sessions, once a week, because the cells of the spine need to be reminded the direction they have to follow for regeneration. Therefore, the method we use is very well grounded by diagnosis, by establishing the affection degree of the spine, that also tells the number of sessions needed and their rhythm, but also by giving the possibility to control in time the results of the recovery treatment applied.

These are a few arguments that I consider important enough for treating sciatica with this method and not others. I consider the Golden Rule very important in this situation as well: as sooner the patient sees a physician and a diagnosis is determined more precisely and faster, the better, faster and more efficient the results are in treating this disease. The thing that you should never do is to despair no matter how late you find about the disease, or how serious it is, because it can be treated. It is true that the treatment is more difficult, it lasts much longer and it makes you suffer more, but it is possible. That is why I want you to keep in mind my message: it is possible, and at the same time the call to come to get treated as soon as possible, for your own good and for your health.

Dr Petre Muresan

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