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An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan

Generalities about osteophytes - bone spurs

Because the osteophytes (bone spurs) represent a problem for a wide category of people and many of you wonder what those bones actually are, how and where they appear, and most of all, how you can get rid of them I would like to provide you with some explanations. MEDREFLEX LINE medical center successfully treats those bone spurs or osteophytes through a widely studied and improved recovery method and this fact enables me to present you some information that I consider to be extremely useful for those of you who already face this problem.

What are the osteophytes (bone spurs)?

To say it simpler, so that everybody understands, the osteophytes or bone spurs are osseous excrescences that appear at the extremities of the bones, around the joints or inside them, around the intervertebral discs but as well there where the tendon stumps or the ligaments and the bones are unified.

How do osteophytes (bone spurs) form?

The main cause is still a mystery. They are thought to be the reparative result of the degradation, degeneration process of the articular structures. Consequently, there occurs a proliferation of the blood vessels inside the degraded cartilage. The osteophytes (bone spurs) form through osseous tissue hyperplasia and new cartilage growth (neogrowth) and appear around the articular cartilages or around the intervertebral degraded, denerated discs.


Where do osteophytes appear?

The osteophytes can appear in the following places:

  • Spine (on the spine bones)
  • knee joints
  • hip joints
  • elbows
  • shoulders
  • fingers

They appear around the joints, around the intervertebral discs but as well there where the tendon stumps or the ligaments and the bones are unified.

How do we make a diagnosis in osteophytes (bone spurs)?

The most usual methods used are X-ray and CT Scan (the computerized tomography), which have at least one great disadvantage: they irradiate, so they cannot be repeated very often, thing that is vital when we talk about evolution under treatment and the control of the treatments applied.

At MEDREFLEX LINE medical center we use as diagnosis methods: the Thermography, the Ultrasonography and the Thermographic ultrasonography (that is to say, ultrasonography guided by a thermograph). Thermography is extremely important as it locates the area where the nerves are irritated and swollen because of the compressions caused by osteophytes (bone spurs) and it also guides the Ultrasonography. Due to the precious information provided by thermography, the ultrasonographyc probe is enabled to target and look for the osteophytes that disturb the normal functioning of your spine or of a certain joint.

This diagnosis method is highly performant and, it does not irradiate and it can be used anytime by everybody. These are a part of the reasons for which I strongly recommend this investigation and diagnosis method which proves to be very efficient in many other diseases too among osteophytes or bone spurs.
See chapters about thermography and ultrasonography.

Symptoms of the osteophytes (bone spurs)

Osteophytes themselves are not painful but if they get in touch with other structures (such as bones, vessels or nerves), they can cause pain. If they do not irritate a nerve or a vessel or if they do not get in touch with another osseous surface, the osteophytes (bone spurs) are likely to be noticed only after a long time, even years.

In some cases, osteophytes may cause trouble of the blood circulation in that area, thing that might imply various consequences. The osteophyte might also disturb the dural bag, leading to complications. The dural bag is composed of dura mater, a hard, fibrous, white membrane, the most external membrane of those three membranes that cover the spinal marrow. In more serious cases, if not treated, osteophytes (bone spurs) can cause the stiffening of the joint or of the whole area, or it can even lead to invalidity.

How can osteophytes be cured?

MEDREFLEX LINE medical center can offer you a highly performant and efficient naturist treatment, which can vary from person to person. Once the thermographic and ultrasonographic scan are made, the information provided allows us to decide which treatment has to be applied and your situation can be explained to you. What the treatment sessions are going to consist of, their number and their development are things that have to be decided according to the needs of each patient and to other factors that determine the particularity of each case.

Dr. Petre Muresan

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