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Dynamic angiothermography (DATG)

The Medreflex Line medical center is using this extraordinary method for detecting breast cancer. We invite you to discover, in this article, some information about this diagnosis method, its advantages compared to other existing methods and to find out how you can benefit from these advantages in order to regain your health.

A few practical considerations
  • It is a quick method (provides a high time economy)
  • It is completely non-invasive
  • it can be used at any age
  • it can be used in any situations (even on pregnant women)
  • it is easy to handle by the patient (it is not in any way uncomfortable)
  • it can be used for preventing breast cancer (even for detecting lobular neoplasia)
  • it is completely pain free
  • it is non-irradiating
  • it has no chemical effects on the human body
  • it is a method that can be repeated whenever necessary
  • it is reproducible
  • it has a user friendly software
This method for diagnosing breast cancer was tested on over 7000 patients and verified through biopsies. It has been observed that, besides from detecting breast cancer, it can localize pre-invasive lesions of the breast, preventing them from turning into cancer.
The main part (the heart) of this technology is a special plate, incorporating liquid crystals based on molecular nanotechnology. It does not offer quantitative measurements of breast temperatures, but offers high quality images, reflecting the blood flow in the breast. The science of interpreting these high quality images leads to the diagnosis.
The DATG concept is based on the fact that each woman has a specific network of blood vessels, forming a true personal pattern (just like a fingerprint), which remains unmodified throughout the lifetime, unless a pathological process occurs (as a cancer, for instance) in that breast. Long before a breast shows cancer, that pattern represented by the blood flow changes, because new vessels appear, called neoformation vessels(the future tumor needs to be additionally fed). This blood flow modification is detected by the dynamic angiothermography, establishing accurately if cancer will develop in the area.
This is extremely important, because that area can be carefully supervised and the cancer can be detected in its incipient phases, when it can be treated. The method of dynamic angiothermography also allows the tracking of breast cancer treatments.
This representation does not intend to deny the value of other currently used breast cancer diagnosis methods, but to highlight the tremendous value of this method and the truly revolutionary vision it brings. It opens a new era in the diagnosis and treatment tracking in the case of breast cancer.
Dr. Petre Muresan
Medreflex Line Medical Center - Cluj Napoca

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