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Negative thinking

„ All things are possible to him who believes”
Mark 9:23

Changing the balance from negative thinking to positive thinking

The antithesis between negative thinking and positive thinking
Somatic and psychic changes

Our body is for sure the product of our thoughts. Today we understand more and more clearly the way that our thoughts, feelings and emotions determine the physical, morphological and structural composition of our bodies. What we are is what we thought.

For a better understanding of the term of positive thinking I believe that the best thing to do is to put it in antithesis with the term negative thinking and to make an analogy between the changes that appear at the somatic and psychic level when each of these thinking ways invade the fragile space of our mind and body. I am positive that each of us has experienced these changes in his/her life, but each of us has received them and acted differently (at the somatic and psychic level). The way we became or not vulnerable at these thoughts, determine the singleness of each of us in managing and reflecting our feelings, emotions, cognitive particularities.

Let us mention the changes that appear at the somatic level in case of negative thinking:

  • Cardiovascular changes (palpitations, pressure changes)
  • Changes of digestive tract (gastric and duodenal ulcer, pyrosis, corrosive gastritis)
  • Changes of the immune system (vulnerability at cold and flu)
  • Changes of the urinary system (urinary incontinence etc)
  • Changes of the vertebrobasilar circulation (dizziness, noises in the ears)

When the identification of a strictly somatic change is of idiopathic nature, the human psychic and the way it influences the somatic functioning play an important part in the diagnosis. So there are psychosomatic changes generated by the negative thinking (negativism)

  • Chronic tiredness
  • Syndrome of chronic pain whose aetiology is not identifiable
  • Globus and suffocation fear
  • Ulcer dyspepsia
  • Anxiety because of ambiguous reasons
  • Colitis
  • Urethral syndrome
  • Aerophagia
  • Hyperventilation

The human physiology conceives the disease to inform us through the so called feedback mechanism about the perspective of an imbalance or about the fact that we are not enough grateful for what we have already achieved or not enough wise to cherish what we achieved.
Binding us with the lattices of ignorance, of negative and gloomy thoughts shall create discomfort, we shall feel acute and dull pain, we shall feel that each day of our life becomes a torture.

What is the antidote of negative thinking?

Learning how to think positively. It is not expensive, it does not waste too much of our precious time. Generate perfection thoughts, try to have perfection thought! The happy thoughts are a biochemistry of happiness and a happier body is automatically a healthier body. We must have the power and the motivation to learn how to think positively and I suggest that we should start with the person of each of us. Before looking for studied remedies for treating a disease I believe that it is absolutely necessary to look with the sincerity of the eyes of our mind into the depths of each person and to begin the exercise of self-knowledge. Let us attach to it a high self-esteem, a high self-respect and a high self-confidence. All these beauties are generated by a positive thinking. Let’s generate happiness thoughts and let them magnetize us, let’s learn how to listen to their amazing resonance in our mind, let’s assimilate the healing power of our thoughts through all the pores of our body. Let yourself carried away by the thoughts that bring you the best satisfaction, enjoy today and vibrate together, live nicely and start all these today. The whole universe is a masterpiece of wealth and abundance and we have the supreme attitude of catching and assimilating the abundance of the Universe, we shall live the joy, the happiness, the miracle of feeling satiety – health, welfare, generosity, gratitude and character. The thoughts have spirit, they assert themselves in the Japanese culture. Paraphrasing, we can say that thoughts are alive, pulsatory, active entities, the seeds planted on the filed of our life. We have to learn how to control our thoughts. The miraculous of the thought is that it can cure us of all the diseases of this world. If we generate positive thoughts we bring health and goodness, if we generate negative thoughts we bring energetic imbalance, disease and sufferance. Just imagine the perfect state of health of your body and mind. Nothing should bother this thought, this perfect balance generated by your mind. We should not forget that our body is the product of our mind, the human mind influencing its harmonious evolution.

There is harmony when people communicate positive thoughts between them: it is extremely beneficent the exercise of thinking about the persons with whom we positively resonate (friends, family, lovers) as a mirror where we can see our own reflection and learn how to be open to change, new ideas, emotions and knowledge.

The disease cannot destroy a body which is the shelter of harmonious thoughts, whose resonance is harmony. Life was created for wealth, so do not let any limit thought feed from your mind! We have more than sufficient love. We have unlimited creative ideas. We have more than sufficient joy and happiness. We have resources to make the impossible become reality and they are there, they are tangible and they start to appear when our mind becomes aware of its infinite and healing nature. The mission of each of us is to follow the stream inside the Universe and to celebrate it inside the existing world. The human being offers measure and balance to the things.

Therapeutic methods for emphasizing the positive thinking
At MEDREFLEX LINE medical center you can access treatments and solutions that may solve your problems through:

I would like to highlight the importance of the patient’s involvement in obtaining and rebalancing the somatic or psychic state of health. Nothing can be done without the individual contribution of each of us, this is why at MEDREFLEX LINE medical center you will find, by cooperating with our specialists team, adequate and individualized therapeutic methods for each of you and also people with a high moral and professional attitude.
Until next time I suggest that you should let yourself seduced, abandoned in the meshes of the positive thought and nothing will stop you.




Student at the Faculty of Psychology, “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca
Student at the Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology – Social Work - “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca

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