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Music therapy

“We have the art for not dying because of the truth!”


In the chapter about our medical center it is said that THERAPY is a request for help addressed to the earth, to its elements, because the Earth can help the man through the elements it was endowed with by the Creator. Considering this truth we shall try to associate the music to THERAPY, saying that Earth is God’s creation and man is the crowning of this creation, being capable of supporting his fellows with his love and kindness. We shall consequently say that music is a creation of TERRA, of that “earth” alive and thirsty of God, which is the human being, and that the genius of music is the fruit of the human spirit in the effort of expressing his creative interiority and of being in relation with life and divinity.

A definition of music therapy which should include the aspects of all the treatment possibilities is very complex. We shall start by saying that in our country music therapy is also known as melotherapy and this is why the reader shall meet in our article the two terms of therapy through music: music therapy and melotherapy.

Music therapy is an ensemble of treatment methods when the therapist uses music with all its psychical, emotional, mental, esthetic and spiritual influences in order to help the patient cure and maintain the health of the body, of the mind and of the spirit. The sound is the “drug” that the music therapist gives to the patient after the clinical investigations and after ascribing them to his psychological, social, intellectual and religious profile. The therapeutic capacity of the sounds has been acknowledged since primordial times when music represented a component of man’s existence, a way of relating to himself and to the persons around, but especially, it has come together with the forms of inner healing related to the mysterious causes of some diseases with unknown origin..

Music therapy can also be defined as the art of using the sounds in the dynamic relation between the music therapist and the patient for sustaining and encouraging a good physical, mental, emotive and spiritual harmony of the patient.

Drd. Radu Ioan MURESAN



When God created the world and everything in it, He made it by the power of His Word. Through each of His word the world appeared from nonbeing to being. We venture to propose this example precisely for highlighting the tight connection between the spoken word and its sound effect. Each spoken word has its specific sonority, with a certain creative force, and we know that sonority is the result of a certain number of vibrations propagated around us and which we perceive at the level of the inner resonance. This inner resonance is the key of our transformation because it works through change. There is the expression the tone makes the music which is used by people referring to the way of communicating a thought or an idea of the people around us. In fact the tone is only the head of the spear of our communication as the music of the tone is that of our heart, because the good and also the bad come out of the heart, as the Bible says too. This situation of the words’ language can be (conceptually) extrapolated to the world of musical sounds. It is enough to be submitted to the sonority of a word or of a music in order to notice our amazing emotional (the heart) and psychical (mind) change, but the same transformation shall also take place at the level of the cells of our body on condition that we should submit ourselves to the treatment through music. The power of the sound creates, regenerates and maintains the harmony of the human life at the psychic, emotive, intellectual and somatic level.

It is known from the past that music has a powerful influx on man in his existential complexity. Through music man is capable of discovering his own inner world, of taking deep root in his own reality and of belonging to his interiority. Recent studies have confirmed that listening to a certain type of music influences our inner harmony in a positive or a negative way. During the centuries we assisted to the preponderantly intuitive use of music in relation to different diseases, but only on the ground of some further studies it was demonstrated that a certain type of music can, on the one hand, positively or negatively influence the physiology of the cerebral activity, which can, at its turn, influence the good or the bad condition of the patient, and on the other hand, can open unsuspected ways of communication with ourselves, with those around us and with the divinity.

From the auxiliary role played in the past, now music is proven to have a major effect on human being in its quadruple hypostasis by definition: biological, psychological, social and religious. Developing a certain type of music can offer the patient unsuspected introspection horizons in the world of the spirit where he shall ask himself last questions such as who we are, where we come from and where we are going to? The religiosity of today's world is built at an emotional level. The contemporary man needs more than ever to recover a language capable of producing affectivity, kindness, joy and pain, in other words, giving shape to his emotions, to his interiority. Through music the man enters a time and a space special to the reflection on himself and on the people around him, on his most intimate experiences which resonate inside him and when they resonate inside they make sensitive that secret world made not only from superficial feelings and emotions, but also from convictions, criteria, hope, pain, from the joy of confronting the adventure of his own existence, from the conviction of the sense of power but also of incapacity. In this context religion appears in a tight connection with music and we can rethink a close connection of their original relation from the point of view of the unconditional mediation which can give man its lost freedom and spontaneity in the view of living a new spiritual life.

Today, the modern science encourages more and more the use of the miraculous properties of music as the scientific results surprise year by year through the amazing discoveries made in laboratories or in clinical rooms and presented at numerous international symposiums. The results of the analyses and of the measurements of the physiological effects of music on the human organism confirmed the fact that the resonance is the basis for healing through sound and music. Based on the Theory of Sonicity it was noticed that the transmission of the sound energy in the liquid bodies (hydrosonicity) and solid bodies (stereo-sonicity) is made on the basis of vibrations and longitudinal elastic waves. Each organ of the human body must have a particular frequency, a specific harmony. For harmony and health to exist, the function of each organ should be performed within the parameters of its specific rhythm. The disease manifests itself through a disorder of the inner vital rhythm. This is why, long before, Novalis said that any disease is a musical problem. The purpose of the therapy through music is to reestablish the physiological and the soul harmony.
Drd. Radu Ioan MURESAN


-sexual dynamic disorders
-self esteem
-physical and psychical asthenia
- high blood pressure
-Parkinson disease
- Alzeheimer dementia (disease)
-heart insufficiency, etc.

I would like to highlight the fact that at our medical center the diseases treated through music therapy (melotherapy) shall not be administrated based on a “to the ear” therapy but by taking into account the scientific methods of the modern science of music therapy.

The treatment through music therapy (melotherapy) is given not only from the perspective of the patient’s disease but from a complete (existential) evaluation of the human person: body (somatic), mind (psychic), heart (emotional) and spirit (religious); this is why the music therapy from our center takes place on the basis of a tight dialogue with the patient and not by taking into consideration only his disease.

You come to our center in order to heal yourself and we want you to know that the treatment through music therapy is correlated and applied to each patient depending on the other medical recovery treatments offered at our center. This is why the music therapy (melotherapy) is considered as a component part of the prophylactic and medical recovery treatments from our center. So, we do invite you to apply it in your life, during the treatment and afterwards, in the daily life, in order to be able to find confidence, serenity, self esteem, but most of all the will to become the protagonists of your health.

Drd. Radu Ioan MURESAN


Treatment methods

It is an innovative psychotherapeutic technique which sets the cheering up of the patient by setting some positive images or films with certain music on the background recommended by the music therapist. This technique combines the cathartic power of music with the therapeutic virtues of the words succeeding to overcome depression, panic crises, anxiety as well as other psychic disorders. Music also helps to divert the patient’s attention from pain improving thus his state of spirit.

In the chapter Future Plans our medical center wants to promote kinetotherapy according to European standards by harmoniously combining motion and music.

In our center the body motion on music is a curative treatment which attempts to piece together, through new methods, with the ancient traditions which supported and promoted music and motion as benefic means for the human body and mind. This is why, this treatment method must not be seen as something which takes place during “dance” sessions, as entertainment, but one which involves a medical project, in a deliberate and supervised way, which wants to heal the patient starting with reestablishing his balance between body and soul. Our treatment method is important because the subject can express through motion his entire personality by calling his emotive experience. Motion on music means “feeling”, means having sensations connected to some emotions, memories, desires or fantasies. Many times in music therapy the body of the patient we come into contact with (child, disabled person, old person, etc....) is one headed towards the negative: it is a body closed to the pleasure of moving, a “silent” body, and thus very little used as a mean of expression and communication with himself and with those around him. Reactivating the desire to move and feel is one of the fundamental objectives of our treatment method. In this direction music and motion represent strong motivations in the success of these objectives.

Drd. Radu Ioan MURESAN


Present musicotherapeutic treatments at Medreflex Line medical center

In a first stage, in our center we shall practice music therapy (melotherapy) only at the audition level during all the patient’s sessions of reflexotherapy and massage. Each session of reflexotherapy and massage shall take place on the background of a music recommended by the music therapist. Thus, during the session of medical recovery through reflexotherapy and massage, the patient shall simultaneously enjoy the benefits of the science of music therapy, the two methods of treatment proposing and completing them mutually.


In a second stage, music therapy shall be applied in our center in a wider sphere under the direct observation and guidance of the music therapist. As it was already announced in the chapter Treatment methods, we want to introduce in our medical center the music therapy through images and film as well as music therapy applied to kinetotherapy (motion on music). In this stage music therapy shall be done on the basis of the clinical diagnosis of each patient, correlated with the diagnosis resulted from the music therapy consultation. Treatments through music shall be applied on the problem specific to each patient.

dr. Radu Ioan Muresan 
Drd. Radu Ioan MURESAN

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