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Lumbar spondylosis

Dr. Petre Muresan - Centrul Medical MEDREFLEX LINE - Cluj Napoca
An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan

What is lumbar spondylosis?

Lumbar spondylosis is a degenerative process of the lumbar vertebral spine. For a better understanding of the way the degenerative phenomena begin and develop, please see the article about Discopathies.

From the thermographic point of view, the lumbar spondylosis has 5 stages of evolution:


Lumbar spondylosis stage 1 – local


is when the degenerative process occurs at the level of only one intervertebral disc and the pain is local, of low or high intensity. And now I say that it should be the appropriate time when the person comes for a thermographic scanning for getting a diagnosis and an adequate recovery treatment. A treatment begun in this stage has big chances for a quick success, the results may be spectacular and you avoid further suffering.


Lumbar spondylosis stage 2 – myotonic


is when the pathologic process affects more intervertebral discs and also the paravertebral muscles which tense up and become painful. In this stage the pain is more intense, longer and wider. Further suffering shall be avoided if an adequate treatment is made in this stage. If not, the disease advances and gets to the next stage: stage 3 – irritative


Lumbar spondylosis stage 3 – irritative

when the process is wider, more advanced and the nerves leaving from the lumbar spine are also affected, especially the sciatic nerve. Please see chapter sciatica for information on the affection of the sciatic nerve. The recovery is more difficult in this stage, harder but possible. Otherwise the person gets to the next stage of the disease: stage 4 radicular


Lumbar spondylosis s tage 4 – radicular

when the pathologic process extends along the affected nerve roots and when the pain is also felt far from the affected area of the lumbar spine, even in the leg and in the sole. In this stage the sciatica gets aggravated and is extended as surface and symptoms. The temperature gradient can reach 2,50 C. What is the temperature gradient? It is the temperature difference between a normal and a pathologic tissue. It helps for determining the diagnosis and the stage of the disease, but also for controlling the evolution of the disease under the indicated treatment (see Thermography).


Lumbar spondylosis stage 5 – atrophic

when all the degenerative phenomena get accentuated and the symptoms get aggravated. There is a hypothermal area that appears on the thermogram, laterally of the spine, which means that the local temperature is lower and that the local structures get more and more destroyed.

How do we make a diagnosis in lumbar spondylosis?

As well as for the cervical spondylosis thermography is an excellent diagnosis method. Why? Because it does not irradiate and it offers very important information for diagnosis and control of the treatment applied (find out more about thermography).

How is a lumbar spondylosis treated?

At our medical center we offer complex sessions of medical recovery, such as reflexotherapy and medical massage, with very good results and which prepare the ground for the next method: infiltrations under thermographic scanning. Because we use the thermograph in treatments too, the precision and the efficiency of these infiltrations are higher. The number of sessions is determined during the consultation, when we establish the diagnosis and the treatment plan. At the beginning there are daily sessions, in the number indicated by the physician and then there is one maintenance session a week for the regeneration process to continue and to obtain the expected result. If you have spine problems and especially lumbar spine problems, we are waiting for you at our medical center for a specialized treatment based on natural, not-harming products, with regenerative effects and an unquestionable efficiency.

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