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Characteristics of dynamic angiothermography

The dynamic angiothermographyuses liquid crystal plates. These plates are able to detect in details, through high definition images, the development of blood circulation, even in the case of a millimetric cancer; this method allows us to diagnose even cancers of very small sizes ( millimetric )
The characteristics of liquid crystal plates:
  • they have a very good resolution in space
  • a high image stability
  • a fast appearance and disappearance of the image on the board
  • have a high reactivity in time, a resolution in space and a sensitivity which allows the view of even small variations in the blood flow and their source.
The dynamic angiothermography(DATG) is a revolutionary method for diagnosing breast cancer, a method also available now in our medical center. Compared to the mammography, the classical method for detecting breast cancer, the DATG method has several advantages, shown in the article ,,mammography vs DATG” on our website.

Dr. Petre Muresan
General Medicine MD
Certificates in Homeopathy and General Ultrasonography

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