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An article presented by Dr. Petre Muresan

What is coxarthrosis?

Coxarthrosis is a degenerative disease, which leads to the destruction of the hip joints, more specifically, the coxofemoral joint. It can appear at one or both sides. As it is the case for the other joints, the basic “element” of the coxofemoral joint is the hyaline cartilage. It is composed of water and extracellular cartilaginous matrix (95%) and chondrocytes (5%). Those cells have the longest cycle among the other cells of the system and, consequently, the longest regenerating cycle. That is why, it is vital for the disease to be treated as soon as possible. It comes a time when the hip joint cannot bear the effort anymore, so the degradation processes occurs and in the end, the disease that we call coxarthrosis.

What are the symptoms of coxarthrosis?

This disease is characterized by a certain rigidity in the affected hip joint, rigidity that will progressively increase. It is at this moment that crackles appear in the joint. Consequently, the mobility of the body and the movement possibility are hardened. After a while, pain is resented at inguinal, buttock or knee level. This confusing aspect of the disease can make it quite similar to other diseases, such as gonarthrosis or knee arthrosis. Therefore it is vital for the diagnosis to be determined in order to receive the appropriate treatment. The pain becomes the main symptom. Initially it is resented only when walking, but the aggravation of the disease makes it appear at rest as well. In the morning, the first steps can be very painful, but the condition of a person may improve if he or she remains active. At the beginning the pain is resented only during the day, but after a while the disease aggravates and a symptom of this phenomena is the pain during the night.

If not treated adequately the degenerative process gets worsen and as a consequence of the intra-joint liquid loss and joint cartilage thinning, the affected leg becomes shorter and the limping appears.

How do we make a diagnosis in coxarthrosis?

A very popular method used for diagnosing this disease is the X-ray, but it has many disadvantages, such as irradiation, so it cannot be made as many times as needed and as well, it cannot be applied to all categories of patients and in all situations.

MEDREFLEX LINE medical center comes up with a very good, revolutionary diagnosis method, that can be used anytime, as many times as needed and for any category of patients, pregnant women included. This diagnosis method implies a thermographic scan, together with an ultrasonographic scan, the information offered by the two investigation methods being able to determine the right diagnosis and at the same time the evolution stage of the disease and the adequate treatment of medical recovery. I would like to mention the fact that each of the two methods can be used independently, being sufficient to determine the right diagnosis.

Thermographic images that highlight coxarthrosis

Normal right coxofemoral joint

Normal left coxofemoral joint

Coxarthrosis at right joint

Coxarthrosis at left joint

The technique used by our medical center, by combining the two methods increases the accuracy of the information and brings valuable and useful data for diagnosis, for treatment and its control. And this because the same method used for diagnosis and treatment allows through the parameters measured and giving information on the evolution of the disease to control the effects of the medical recovery treatment.

Right coxofemoral joint coxarthrosis

Left coxofemoral joint coxarthrosis

For more information you can visit our web pages about Thermography and General Ultrasonography, Devices for ultrasonography

How can coxarthrosis be treated?

The principle that preventing a disease is easier and cheaper than treating it can be applied in this case as well. The thermograph can be very useful in this situation, being able to foresee this disease. It would be excellent if the patient would follow a preventive treatment for the menaced joint, when the thermograph notices the idiosyncrasy of coxarthrosis. But how many of us really do something about it? We should consider maintenance, preventive or prophylactic care the best option.

Seriously talking things are different and unfortunately the disease takes its course and we find it on different stages of evolution. Depending on these stages we establish the treatment scheme and the number of medical recovery sessions needed. If preventive care is too much to ask for, it would be acceptable at least not to lose train after train, chance after chance and to see a doctor for diagnosis and adequate treatment as soon as pain is resented.

At MEDREFLEX LINE medical center the treatment we apply for coxarthrosis are complex medical sessions for recovery, such as reflexotherapy and medical massage. They have a therapeutic effect by themselves but they also have a bigger quality: they prepare the patient for the next treatment stage: intra and periarticular infiltrations of naturist products, in order to regenerate the cartilage.

The only way of calming down the pain, not only with a pain killer and the only way of improving the movement or even bringing it to perfection is by regenerating the articular cartilage. I would like to mention as well the fact that this cartilage has its own rhythm of regeneration and therefore it is extremely important to see a doctor as soon as possible for the thermographic scan. In case of an advanced coxarthrosis and a very degraded cartilage, the regeneration implies a longer period and the pain that you are going to suffer is considerable. So, do not postpone your visit to the doctor, follow the adequate medical recovery treatment according to the stage of your disease and your recovery is possible.

Dr. Petre Muresan - Centrul Medical MEDREFLEX LINE - Cluj Napoca
Dr. Petre Muresan

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