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Vertebrobasilar circulatory insufficiency (VBCI)

Dr. Petre Muresan - Centrul Medical MEDREFLEX LINE - Cluj Napoca

An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan

What is VBCI?

For a better understanding of VBCI I suggest that you should read the article about cervical spondylosis. It was there where I mentioned that the degradation process of the cervical spine has 5 stages of evolution, of development.

VBCI appears in stage 3 irritative and especially in stage 4 radicular, compressive. In this situation we are talking about the affection of vertebrae C1, C2 and C3.

In stage 3 and especially in stage 4 of cervical spondylosis we have those side bone spurs on the spine called osteophytes. They press on the blood vessels in the area and on the nerve roots at this level (for example the cervical sympathetic nerve). In the first stage there is an irritation of these nerves (in stage 3 of evolution) and then their compression (stage 4), followed by the appearance of an acute spasm of the posterior muscles of the neck and more pathological vasomotor reactions (there is a vicious circle: the side bone spurs – osteophytes – press on the nerves, the nerves get irritated, this irritation generates the spasm of the muscles and the muscle spasm tightens the vessels, producing vertebrobasilar circulation disorders, meaning disorders of the circulation going to the head – vertebral arteries and basilar trunk).

Stage 5, atrophic, of the cervical spondylosis means an accentuated aggravation of all VBCI symptoms.

I would like to mention the fact that the cerebral circulation can also be reduced by the deposits of atherosclerosis on the vessels (it is about vertebral arteries and basilar trunk), which make VBCI more aggravated, this mechanism working from the inside of the vessel.


What are the symptoms of VBCI?

As I already said before the best thing to do is that the person with cervical spine problems should not lose occasion after occasion, train after train but come and treat him/herself even in stage 1 of spondylosis, or if he/she missed this stage, at least in stage 2, because in stage 3 the problems are more complex and the symptoms specific to VBCI already appear and they are not few, easy or without risk, but on the contrary, if you get to this stage you are exposed to a very unpleasant and risky situation and you will see why.

We shall enumerate the most important symptoms of this disease:
Feeling of difficulty, followed by weight and occipital pain
Headache, dizziness, vertigo (the vertigo can be rotational or non systematized, of short term)
Cerebral hypoxia (the brain is not enough oxygenized), appearing
Tiredness , drowsiness
Sensorial disorders (paraesthesia – numbness in the arms and legs)
Paresis, hemiparesis
Motility disorders (difficulty in walking and moving hands)
Sudden diminution of the lower limbs muscles, so the sick person falls on his/her knees (drop-attack phenomenon)
High blood pressure (HBP) and especially oscillatory high blood pressure, very hard to control
Disorders of the heart rhythm
Difficulties, weight, then ocular pain
Gradual (growing dim) or sudden diminution of eyesight
Diminution of hearing, noises, sounds, whiz in the ears
Diminution of memory (the person notices that he/she forgets things repeatedly)
High risk of ischemic cerebral vascular accident (CVA)

I would like to insist on this last point and I would like to draw the attention on the fact that when you have symptoms as the ones described above, besides the fact that they are extremely annoying, hard to endure and bringing a real handicap to your every day life, they should also represent very important warning signals that you are in danger of CVA and that there is not too much time left for you to see a doctor and begin an adequate treatment.

How do we make a diagnosis in VBCI?

At MEDREFLEX LINE medical center the diagnosis of this disease is made, as for many others, through a general thermographic scanning (see thermography).
When the thermograph shows that the spondylosis is in stage 3 and 4 we know that all the anatomic and functional conditions for VBCI are met. The fact that our patient tells us that he/she has the symptoms described above confirms that we are facing VBCI. I kindly advise you, recommend you and ask you not to wait to be in this situation, a very unpleasant and risky one!

How is a VBCI treated?

Treating VBCI means treating the cervical spondylosis in stage 3 or 4. See cervical spondylosis! It is not wrong to give a drug for improving the cerebral circulation, but it is not enough. We should not forget that the main cause of this disease is an external mechanism, meaning those bone spurs – side osteophytes – that press on the blood vessels and on the nerves, an external mechanism which cannot be helped with drugs which work from the inside of the vessel, doing nothing for reducing or dissolving those bone spurs that work from the outside, by irritating and compressing the mentioned structures.

At our medical center we offer a correct and complex approach of this disease and of the requested treatment. We start from the idea that without treating correctly the cervical spondylosis and the osteophytes, no real and long term results can be obtained and the person cannot really restart his/her activity. This statement is tested by the practice in so many cases of VBCI treated with our method which had an excellent solving, the sick person restarting his/her old activity and gaining back the tonus and the zest for life.

The treatment takes palace under a strict thermographic control, with natural products with regenerative effect on the spine and dissolution effect on the bone spurs we were talking about. The number of treatment sessions is established during the consultation, based on the extremely useful information given by the thermograph.

It is not worth suffering and exposing yourself at so many risks. We are waiting for you for diagnosis and treatment!

Dr Petre Muresan

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