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An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan

What is the gonarthrosis?

The disease called Gonarthrosis was presented and explained by dr. Petre Muresan at a TV show on channel TVR3. For your better information we also invite you to watch the show recording.

Gonarthrosis, also called the arthrosis of the knee, is a degenerative process, a degradation one of the knee joint. Generally speaking, we can say that arthrosis is the most frequent articular disease and it has an asymptomatic appearance (without symptoms) even from the second and third decade of life. From that time on it keeps on developing and if the joint is not taken care of or if it is overstressed the arthrosis becomes symptomatic, the pain appears together with all the other signs and symptoms specific to arthrosis.

Both men and women are affected by gonarthrosis, but the disease appears first at men, probably because of the type of their work and of overstress. As a curiosity I would like to mention that arthrosis existed even at the prehistoric animals: dinosaurs, amphibians, fish, birds, cave bears. The arthrosic disease appears at all vertebrates, but not at bats, animals that stay upside down.

What happens in gonarthrosis?

One of the main components of the knee joint is the hyaline cartilage. It is made of 95% water and extracellular cartilaginous matrix and 5% chondrocytes. In case of a normal functioning of the knee joint, when there is pressure over the joint, the hyaline cartilage frees the water from the intra-articular space and from the near capillaries and venules, and when that pressure stops, the hyaline cartilage reabsorbs the freed water, gets hyperhydrated and absorbs at the same time the nutritive substances it needs. The degeneration, the degradation processes begin when the joint is exposed to efforts bigger than it can handle (too much standing, too much walking, carrying too much weight in your hands or on the back, overweight, obesity and sometimes traumatisms – falls, strokes, accidents). Finally, there are discontinuities, cartilage interruptions, erosions, irregularities on the surface of the hyaline cartilage that appear on the cartilage, which keep on advancing and cause ulcerations and complete loss of cartilage in certain areas of the joint. There are parts where the bone is completely uncovered by the hyaline cartilage as we can see in the ultrasonographic images shown. Parts of the hyaline cartilage changed by the disease are torn to pieces and float freely inside the knee joint, creating the so called “intra-articular mice” that affect a lot the good functioning of the joint, causing big and very big pain and reducing the mobility of the joint and even causing the joint immobilization and blocking.

See how important the principle I insist on is (based on the experience and on the remarks made), namely that a disease (in this case the gonarthrosis or the arthrosis of the knee) must be treated as soon as possible, because in this case the possibility of the joint to be completely recovered is very, very high. There are persons in my records who came on time and treated themselves correctly and for 7-10 years they have nothing anymore and live a normal life.

What are the symptoms of a gonarthrosis?

In the beginning there are some sounds, some cracks in the knee joint, called crackles, which represent the first sign that the joint is suffering and is going to suffer more and more. Then, the pain appears, bigger and bigger and more and more irritating, the joint can become sensible or very sensible when being palpated or touched. The pain can irradiate at distance, up and down the knee joint.
If not treated, the disease advances and as the articular cartilage is lost, the ligaments around become looser, weaker and the joint becomes more unstable. In this stage we have the feeling that the knee “slips”. In the next stages the cartilage keeps on worsening and some parts of the cartilage changed by the disease (called intra-articular mice) are torn to pieces and float inside the joint. The joint becomes more painful, more rigid, generating even the joint blocking.


How do we make a diagnosis in gonarthrosis?

Thermography (see details in the chapter about Thermography) is an excellent diagnosis method used at our medical center. Why excellent? Because besides the fact that it does not irradiate and has all the other advantages mentioned in that chapter, it also has a huge quality: it sees an arthrosic process (in this case the arthrosis of the knee or the gonarthrosis) long before it is symptomatically felt, which is an enormous advantage for the treatment.

Gonarthrosis – before treatment

Gonarthrosis - after treatment

Gonarthrosis can be treated “in the egg” and we would avoid the tragedies lived by some patients. The disease can be treated in this stage and it would be excellent if the person suspect of gonarthrosis would accept a treatment even if there is no pain yet. Why am I saying this? Because there were situations when the person came for scanning for a completely different problem than gonarthrosis, and, considering that the scan I make is general, the thermograph showed me that the person was going to suffer from arthrosis of the knee, namely gonarthrosis.
I asked him if he is feeling pain and I warned him about what is going on, I suggested him a preventive treatment, but because he was not feeling any pain he did not take any treatment, considering that there are other priorities. One year later he came to me and said: “One year ago I saw you and you asked me if I feel pain in my knee and I said no. Now, I do feel that pain. How did you know?”
How? Not because I am a fortune teller but because the thermograph shows long time before that there, somewhere in the human body, there is going to be a pathologic process. But do we believe it? Do we want to take a preventive treatment?

Treatment of gonarthrosis?

The real chance of a joint with arthrosis is when the treatment is started even from the beginning, when the medical recovery can be complete. But for this to happen you have to see a doctor when you have the first symptoms. Even then the degradation process is quite advanced. The best thing we should do is a thermographic scanning once a year, when we think that we are healthy and if we are told that we are going to suffer from gonarthrosis, to start immediately a preventive treatment. But are we doing this?

At MEDREFLEX LINE medical center we developed a very good and efficient treatment method. There are complex sessions of medical recovery which start with special procedures of reflexotherapy, medical massage and mobilizations made by our specialists followed by intra-articular and peri-articular infiltrations with natural products which regenerate the articular cartilage. And the results are very good. The persons who could not stand up from bed are now walking in the street and enjoy the charm and beauty of a normal life. Only if you were sick for a short or longer period of time, only if you experienced how it is to can not walk or to walk very, very hard, only then you can understand what an important gift is such a simple and normal thing like being able to walk normally.

 General / Side right knee – gonarthrosis - before treatment

 General / Side right knee – gonarthrosis - before treatment

 Medial right knee – gonarthrosis – after treatment

This is why I ask you not to put off from day to day, to take a thermographic scanning and an adequate treatment, because a treatment taken on time has spectacular effects. The medical recovery using the method applied at our medical center is possible even for advanced and very advanced cases, but it is harder, slower, because of the massive destruction of the cartilage and your pain is bigger. But you must hope for the best, be aware that the recovery is possible and you can have a normal life if you really want to cure yourself and take a long enough treatment necessary for the stage of your disease.

The number of medical recovery sessions is established after the thermographic scanning; the thermograph also gives the possibility of controlling the effects of the treatment taken. There are daily sessions in the beginning, in the number recommended by the physician, and then there are maintenance sessions, once a week, so the regeneration process continues for a longer time for you to achieve the result you wish for.

What I am asking you is: not to put off from day to day, to treat yourself on time and the results will be very good! We are symbolically waiting for you, with a flower, the sign of hope and good action.

Dr. Petre Muresan, MD

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