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Description of the DATG technology

The method for diagnosing breast cancer used in our medical center is DATG - Dynamic Angiothermography. For now, this method is only available in Romania in our medical center.

DATGis a revolutionary method for diagnosing breast cancer and was developed in Italy by a famous surgeon and gynecologist, PhD D. Montrucolli. This device is more evolved than any other type of existing thermographic diagnosis.
The main component of the angiothermographydevice is a plate, covered in a very thin layer of a special plastic material (18 x 24 cm), which incorporates liquid crystals obtained through molecular nanotechnology. The molecular structure of the crystals allows them to refract the ambient light in a red to violet range, according to the heat detected by the plastic layer, when placed on the breast. The image generated by a light on this liquid crystal plate appears as lines, with diameters of a few millimeters, representing the main characteristics of the blood flow in the breast. The correct interpretation of this data leads to a diagnosis. Any modification in the breast’s blood vessel network is an alarm signal.
The dynamic angiothermography- DATG, is overall different from any other thermographic technique (it does not measure heat, but provides high quality information, rather than high quantities of information) and has been tested before release on over 7000 patients. Accompanied by over a thousand biopsies, test results prove that DATG can not only diagnose cancer, but can also localize pre-invasive lesions of the breast, which can prevent them from turning into cancer.
Fundamental characteristics of the DATG technologies:
  •  Every woman has a unique pattern of blood vessels in the breast (similar to a fingerprint)
  •  In the absence of pathological modifications, this pattern of blood vessels remains constant throughout the years
  •  The pathological modifications are not related to the size and shape of the tumor

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