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Cervical spondylosis

Dr. Petre Muresan - Centrul Medical MEDREFLEX LINE - Cluj Napoca
An article presented by dr. Petre Muresan

What is cervical spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative process of the cervical vertebrae when the vertebral and paravertebral structures suffer degradation phenomena. For a better understanding of the way these processes begin and develop, please see the article about Discopathies.

From the thermographic point of view, the cervical spondylosis has 5 stages of evolution:


Spondiloza cervicala stadiul 1 - termograma

Stage 1, local

Is the stage when the degradation process begins at the level of the intervertebral disc, so there are phenomena located only at the disc level. We may say that we have only a discopathy in this stage, as it was described in the article Discopathies.

Regarding the symptoms, in this stage of spondylosis we have an intense or less intense headache, but a local one, at the level of the sick disc (discopathy). And it would be great if people who have such a headache should see immediately a doctor for a thermographic scanning, for a correct diagnosis and an adequate treatment. In this stage the recovery is quicker and cheaper. If this is not happening the disease gets worse and we come to the next stage.


Spondiloza cervicala in stadiul 2 - termograma

Stage 2, myotonic

Is the stage when the degenerative processes overcome two or more intervertebral discs and also the adjoining structures. The process goes beyond the cervical spine area and includes also the paravertebral muscles, reason why it is called myotonic.

In this stage of spondylosis the pain is more intense and overcomes a wider area, usually down to C7 vertebra. And if the person wasted the first warning and missed the first train to the thermograph and to a saving treatment at our medical center, he/she should listen to the second warning and begin the treatment for solving his/her health problem. Otherwise the disease advances, affecting the structure and the resistance of the cervical spine and gets to stage 3.


Spondiloza cervicala in stadiul 3 - termograma

Stage 3, irritative

In this stage of spondylosis the nerves that leave from the cervical spine level are also affected, as we can see in the thermographic image. The pain gets more and more intense and reaches the shoulder’s area. It was such a big mistake that the person did not treat the disease when it was in stage 2, meaning one station before. Now the situation is more complicated and new affections appear in this stage:
Scalene muscles syndrome
Scapulohumeral periarthritis
Neurovegetative dystonia
Reino syndrome
High blood pressure
Because of didactic reasons and in order to have a systematic approach, these diseases appeared as a reason of cervical vertebral spondylosis shall be treated separately, each one in its chapter. Wouldn’t have been better if the person had treated himself at least in stage 2 and avoid all these complications? Unfortunately there are persons who do not see a doctor even in this stage and who keep waiting and suffering and the disease advances and gets to the next stage.


Spondiloza cervicala in stadiul 4 - termograma

Stage 4, called radicular

In this stage the cervical spondylosis occurs through the phenomenon of compression of nerve roots which leave from this level, meaning that the symptoms appear in the entire area nerved by that nerve root. If it is about affecting the nerve roots from C1-C3 level then the Vertebrobasilar circulatory insufficiency Syndrome occurs and it shall be detailed in a separate chapter. There are specific thermographic signs for each level of compression detected and interpreted by the physician specialized in Thermography, but which we shall not present here not to make the presentation harder (they are more technical).

If the cervical spondylosis in stage 4 is superficially, inadequately and too late treated it advances and gets to:


Spondiloza cervicala in stadiul 5 - termograma

Stage 5, called atrophic

In this stage of spondylosis trophic disorders of the affected vertebral segment occur. All symptoms mentioned before get worse and usually it comes to complications. Between the 3 segments of the spine – cervical, toracal and lumbar there may be differences regarding the spondylosis development. In one vertebral segment the spondylosis may be in one stage while in other segment it may be in a more advanced stage or the other way, not even in that stage. This depends on the way the organism is challenged along the years.

How do we make a diagnosis in cervical spondylosis?

Thermography is an excellent method of diagnosis, precise, non-irradiative and very advanced regarding the number and type of information provided. I invite you to read the article about Thermography for you to discover all its qualities.

How is a cervical spondylosis treated?

At MEDREFLEX LINE medical center we use a very advanced and efficient method of treatment which has, besides its serious advantages: precision, efficiency, regenerative and not only sedative effect on the cervical spine, effects also obtained with other methods of treatment, another big advantage which makes it a really revolutionary method, the advantage of not generating adverse and side effects, in other words it does not affect other regions or organs. This method observes the antique principle “primum non nocere”, meaning that the most important thing is not to harm, a fundamental principal of the Medicine.

But what exactly does this method of treatment consist of? There are complex sessions of medical recovery such as: reflexotherapy, medical massage which have a positive effect besides the curative one: they do the groundwork for the crown of the medical recovery treatment: infiltrations with natural products with regenerative effect made with a very high precision and with a very good efficiency, under the precise thermographic control. The thermograph not only allows a very advanced, even revolutionary method of treatment, but also gives the possibility of controlling the efficiency of the treatment.

The number of the treatment sessions is established during the thermographic scanning, depending on the seriousness of the disease. At the beginning there are daily sessions, in the number indicated by the physician and then there is one maintenance session a week for the spine to regenerate the best way possible. Do you agree now that the moment you see a doctor and begin the treatment is very important? It is not the same thing if we begin the treatment in stage 1 or in stage 5.

This is why I am asking you not to miss train after train as I plastically tried to explain the fact that some persons keep on putting off the moment they see a doctor, but be vigilant and work for your own good. Come to our medical center MEDREFLEX LINE to put ourselves together for the good of your health and happiness! And do not forget that we are waiting for you, symbolically, with a flower!

Dr Petre Muresan


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